The Illinois No. 3 Foundation supports organizations and projects that conserve and enhance land and water resources through sustainable practices, provide access to healthy food, shelter and education for those in need, advance medical research and promote the arts.

Our Partners

At The Crossroads

167 Jessie Street, San Francisco CA 94105
Founded 1997

"For the past 20 years, At The Crossroads has been reaching out to homeless youth and young adults at their point of need, and working with them to build healthy and fulfilling lives. By bringing our services directly onto the streets, we are able to reach young people who fall through the cracks of the traditional social service network and are disconnected from consistent support. Using a non-judgmental and holistic approach, we cultivate long-term, unconditional counseling relationships with our clients."

City Slicker Farms

2847 Peralta St., Oakland CA 94608
Founded 2001

"In 2001, a group of community members formed to address one of the most pressing issues facing the West Oakland community: a dearth of access to healthy, affordable fresh food. The project began when one empty lot was transformed into a productive urban farm, and the fresh vegetables it produced were shared with neighbors and given away to those who were in need: families, grandparents, friends and strangers alike. Today, City Slicker Farms is carrying on this work of making fresh produce affordable and accessible, and we are encouraging community control over food systems and advancing local food production. By connecting neighbors through meaningful work, providing educational opportunities, and converting blighted urban lots into places of civic pride, our core programs empower individuals and transform neighborhoods over the long-term."

Farm to Table

518 Old Santa Fe Trail, Ste. #1, Box 171, Santa Fe NM 87505
Founded 1996

"The mission of Farm to Table is to promote locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking. Farm to Table enhances marketing opportunities for farmers; encourages family farming, farmers’ markets and the preservation of agricultural traditions; informs public policy; and, furthers understanding of the links between farming, good health, and local economics. Farm to Table firmly believes that food is a basic human right. We also affirm that access to regionally grown, healthy, and culturally relevant food is paramount to the wellbeing and sustainability of communities."

Food Shift

2150 Allston Way, Ste. 460, Berkeley CA 94704
Founded 2012

"Food Shift is developing collaborative models to reduce wasted food, nourish communities, and provide jobs. Our main program, The Food Shift Kitchen (TFSK), is a social enterprise that provides culinary job training to individuals eager to work their way into a more empowered life. Using fresh produce that would otherwise be discarded due to imperfections, TFSK processes and distributes food to local agencies that feed food-insecure communities. Under the mentorship and support of Food Shift’s Culinary Director, kitchen apprentices receive job readiness support, nutrition coaching, and a certificate after a 6-month program that articulates the marketable skills they acquired. Food Shift supports program graduates in finding work and/or schooling, and hires graduates for special events."

Hidden Genius Project

2934 Telegraph Ave., Oakland CA 94609
Founded 2012

"The mission of the Hidden Genius Project is to train and mentor black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities. With holistic strategies that instill hope and develop family-sustaining skills, the Hidden Genius Project is empowering young people to leverage their creativity for self-determination. We partner with community organizations and public systems to address as many material needs as possible, and inspire our young men to apply their skills and interests to fulfill their hidden genius."

Dr. Jennifer Chao’s Lab @ UW

Box 358058, 750 Republican St., Seattle WA 98109
Founded 1946

"Our mission is to eliminate suffering from eye disease, both in our region and the wider world. We do this by providing the highest quality medical and surgical eye care for patients, seeking new knowledge and treatments for eye disease through rigorous research, and preparing the next generation of physicians and vision scientists to do the same. The research program in the Chao lab has three primary focus areas: (1) cell culture modeling and study of inherited retinal degenerative diseases through the generation of patient-specific stem cells; (2) the use of human stem cells for retinal cell replacement; and (3) clinical research in advanced retinal imaging in patients with retinal disease. These three approaches work synergistically to serve the goal of developing treatments for hereditary retinal degenerative diseases, for which treatment options are currently severely lacking."

National Young Farmers Coalition

PO Box 1074, Hudson NY 12534
Founded 2011

"Agriculture in the United States is at the breaking point. Generations of rural youth have been discouraged from careers in agriculture, and farmers over 65 now outnumber farmers under 35 by a margin of six to one. With so many on the cusp of retirement, 573 million acres—two-thirds of our nation’s farmland—will need a new farmer within the next two decades. Many structural barriers stand in the way of young farmer success—farmland is unaffordable; student debt prevents capitalizing new farm businesses; labor and staff are difficult to recruit; and health insurance is prohibitively expensive. NYFC was founded on the idea that bringing young people back to the farm and supporting them to be successful is central to solving many of agriculture’s problems."

New Mexico Appleseed

1350 Luisa St, Ste. 7, Santa Fe NM 87505
Founded 2009

"New Mexico Appleseed is part of a national network of Appleseed centers created by the Harvard Law School class of 1958. While each center is an independent nonprofit, the broad objective of the network is to create lasting, systemic change on behalf of the poor, marginalized, and underserved. Appleseed is a hybrid think-tank/advocacy organization focused on creating systems to help children and families thrive and dismantling those that keep them in a cycle of poverty and chaos. Appleseed works to design, implement, test, and scale practical solutions to understand and address the root causes of the generational cycle of poverty and socio-economic immobility."

New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association

1219 Luisa, Unit 1, Santa Fe NM 87505
Founded 1994

"Our goals are to support New Mexico farmers by stimulating local food sales, and to create healthy communities by encouraging the purchase and consumption of locally grown fruits and vegetables by everyone, including less fortunate populations. We also seek to support regenerative agricultural practices that protect the soil, water, and natural resources needed by farmers to produce nutritionally dense food."

Roadrunner Food Bank

5840 Office Blvd NE, Albuquerque NM 87109
Founded 1980

"Roadrunner Food Bank distributed more than 30 million pounds of food in the most recently completed fiscal year, and we also have heightened the nutritional quality of our food offerings in significant ways. We continue to increase the amounts of fruits, vegetables, and other highly nutritious food items being provided to the people we serve. In addition, our specialized food assistance programs that target children, families, seniors, rural communities, and other challenging-to-reach populations in our state continue to improve and expand. At the same time, we are finding ways to meet our staffing and administrative expenses in the most cost-efficient manner in order to ensure that more of our funding resources can be applied to the essential work of basic food provisioning for people in need."

Roses in Concrete

4551 Steele St., Oakland CA 94619
Founded 2015

"Roses in Concrete Community School is a K-8 school in East Oakland functioning as a center of health within the neighborhoods surrounding it, providing wrap-around services in education, health, housing, and job training. Our primary goal is to develop youth committed to lives characterized by self-discipline, integrity, love and hope in the pursuit of justice and equity for all communities. The long-term goal is to create a model for urban education that prioritizes the needs of youth and families as a pathway to building healthy and sustainable communities across the US."

Roswell Artist-in-Residence Foundation

409 E College Blvd., Roswell NM 88201
Founded 1967

"The Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program, initiated by Donald B. Anderson in 1967,  brings artists of merit to live and work in Roswell for periods of up to one year. Six artists per year are afforded a comfortable house and spacious studio, a living stipend, and materials allowance; collectively known as “The Gift of Time” for its generosity and freedom to create without obligations. Since 1967, there have been 251 RAiR artists. They have come from almost every state, as well as from every continent except two. Artists are chosen during a yearly selection process, based on the quality of their work."


1100 Eubank NE, Ste. A, Albuquerque NM 87112
Founded 2004

"Saranam is a unique, two-generational program that guides homeless families to achieve long-term self-sufficiency. We provide safe, stable, and fully furnished transitional housing in an intentional community to give families the capability to concentrate on breaking down barriers to more secure futures. With these needs met, families have up to two years to focus their efforts on education, vocational development, and career goals while acquiring life skills for independent living. Also, Saranam has a children’s component that more intentionally addresses the specific needs of the vulnerable children we serve."


PO Box 874, Corrales NM 87048
Founded 2008

"Seed2Need is dedicated to reducing hunger and improving the nutrition of families in our community suffering from food insecurity by growing and gleaning fresh fruits and vegetables and donating them to local food pantries. Seed2Need currently grows two acres of vegetables, maintains approximately one acre of fruit trees and gleans fruit from other orchards in the greater Albuquerque area. Since 2010, over 500,000 pounds of produce has been donated to food pantries in Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties. Nothing is sold. Unlike the produce donated by grocery stores which is often past its prime, produce distributed by Seed2Need is “farmer’s market” quality. The food pantries that receive produce from Seed2Need pick it up directly at the gardens. As a result, it can be in the hands of the families who need it within hours of harvest."

Today’s Future Sound

2625 Alcatraz Avenue, PMB #139, Berkeley CA 94705
Founded 2014

"Today’s Future Sound is committed to providing arts and educational opportunities for vulnerable populations. We believe in the power of music to transform people’s lives. We offer interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and therapeutic arts education through beat making and music production that builds confidence, inspires creativity, and helps individuals create positive change. One-on-one and in small groups, students work with music industry professionals to compose their own music, make beats using digital software, learn the fundamentals of audio engineering, and produce an original album. Our Therapeutic Beat Making model addresses the psychological and neurophysical impacts of trauma, using relationship-building as a mental health intervention."

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